1-1 – Unless otherwise stipulated, specified in our letters, the orders that are placed with us and the missions that we process are subject to these general conditions of sale, which prevail over all conditions of purchase. These general conditions of sale apply to all services provided by our Company France Equipement Production.
1-2 – Only orders from the customer in the form of a contract, or on the latter’s letterhead, by fax or mail, to his order or using the forms provided by our Company and orders by telephone, under the express reserve of their written confirmation, by the customer.
1-3 – In the event of an additional order, the components of this order (price, deadlines, etc.) are those of our price list for services, unless there is a specific commercial agreement validated with the customer. The conditions agreed for the initial order cannot be automatically applied to the additional order.


2-1 – The prices are established all taxes included on the basis of the tariff in force on the day of the submission of the offer. The applicable taxes are those in force on the date of invoicing.
2-2 – The delivery times constitute a commitment of our Company. Notwithstanding this reservation, our company will do everything in its power to meet the deadlines it may indicate.
2-3 – The results are normally sent by fax and/or by post (or any other electronic means) upon completion of the work to the attention of the persons designated by the client.


3-1 – Payments are without discount and due from the first day of the date of performance of the services unless otherwise specified in our offers, order confirmations or invoices.
3-2 – Any payment not made on the agreed date to our billing address will result in the cancellation of the order.
3-3 – The priority payment methods in force are bank transfer or bank cheque. Any other method of payment requires the prior agreement of our Company.


The transfer of ownership of the works carried out is subject to full payment of their price.


5-1 – The work entrusted is carried out under the best conditions permitted by the technologies used by our Company and the indications or originals provided by the client.
5-2 – Our Company is only bound by an obligation of means. Consequently, it undertakes to implement, in view of the current state of its technical means, and the price paid by the client and the general circumstances of the mission, the reasonable means to achieve a result as reliable as possible. .
5-3 – The results of the work are exclusively reserved for the use of the customer of our Company France Equipement production. Our company will implement all the necessary precautions for the storage and conservation of the works until they are handed over to the client. Once the work has been handed over to the client, it cannot be held responsible for the loss or destruction of a file.
5-4 – Our company also implements, during the work, the necessary precautions to respect the quality charter desired by the customer.
5-5 – In case of out of stock, our company undertakes to notify the customer as soon as possible. Under no circumstances may the missing item be replaced by an item of a different nature unless the customer expressly requests it in writing. Our company therefore undertakes in the first place and under the best conditions to supply the missing item with an identical item.


In all cases, our Company’s liability will be limited to the price paid by the customer for the execution of the work.


Our Company will make every reasonable effort to keep confidential the information entrusted to it in the context of the work carried out for the client.


Our Company cannot be held responsible for delays, errors or damages or for any other defect in the fulfillment of its obligations in the event of force majeure which include, for example, acts of war, strikes, equipment breakdowns, transport blockages, etc.


9-1 – No modification of these general conditions of sale will be valid if it has not been the subject of a writing between our Company and the customer.
9-2 – The possible nullity of part of the provisions of these general conditions of sale may not affect the validity of the other conditions.
9-3 – The non-application by our Company or by the customer of the rights specified in these general conditions of sale cannot constitute a waiver of these rights.


10-1 – Any dispute relating to an order received by our Company will be judged by the Commercial Court of the registered office of our Company, even in the event of multiple defenders or warranty claims.
10-2 – No acceptance for payment of cheques, drafts or any bills domiciled in another place shall operate as a derogation or novation from this jurisdiction clause. The applicable law is French law.